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Live advice from SpiritWondrs - Reiki and Pendulum in Dormagen instantly. 25-30 years of work in Pendulum. ***I am here for my clients. My testimonies speak for me I do not have to ever brag. Here to bring Clarity, Honesty, Insight. and Truth to all my clients. Though it may not always be what you want to hear. It is what your Guides want you to hear and know. I will only speak the truth to through my with my Intuition, Visions, Cards, and Guides.*** I knew at the age of nine that I had Special Gifts. By the age of twelve, I was reading regular playing cards better known as Cartomancy. My gifts were passed down to me by my Native American Great Grand Mother. She is one of my main guides. I am 75% Native American. I am seventh generation advisor in my family. I also do Meditations, Cord Cutting,, and Chakra healing and balancing. Master Reiki Healer, I read Aura's and heal them from the negative tears, and Body Scans, I am an Empath, Intuitive, with a very High Accuracy Rate. However, what I tell you will come directly from my guides. My Guardian Angels, and My Great Grand Mother. plus others who have passed on. They will tell me what you need to know. Not always what you want to know. So just be prepared. When meditating, I have seen and talked to my Guardian Angels. They are with me daily. I listen for them to guide me throughout my day. My Great Auntie who made her own cards passed away in February. I went on Sacred grounds of Reservation and did her burial. She was a healer like myself with Crystals and Natural herbs. She passed her cards down to me. I now use them also. Doing the same 7 card spread she did in her readings. Please stop past today and get a spread with them. Stop on by my Chat room and say hello. If you think I might be able to help you, let's go private. No free readings in open chat though. **No Free Reads in Free Chat, Privates ONLY!! *Angel Healing Gemstone Cards *Crystals *Masters in Meditation *Energy Worker *Spiritual Healer *Chakra Cleansing *Healings *Aura Meditations Finding True Love Daily Meditations *Stress relief *Fear relief *Chakra *Your True Path* *Aura Healing* *Rid of friends and enemies *Grounding *Knowing your crystals *The Stair Steps of Life Meditation (Private only) *Vibrations CARDS Love General Career

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